In 2013 The Indonesian navy take the initiative by organized an international maritime security symposium (IMSS) in Jakarta, which attended by 25 countries and was having a great success by discussing important issues. Thus, shown the Indonesia navy commitment to demonstrate the seriousness and existence in maintaining maritime security and stability in the world.

Ever since then, IMSS has been held biannually and attended by countries that are joined in by the member of the Indian Ocean naval symposium and western pacific naval symposium as well. IMSS is one of the Indonesian navy military diplomacy breakthroughs that strengthen Indonesia bargaining position among the nation.

However, this strategic action is important not only for the Indonesian navy but also all nations to develop maritime security in the region.  And in order to maintain the stability in the region, IMSS will be an excellent media to have mutual understanding among its members of IMSS.

Good order at sea, therefore, an important, yet deceptively complicated concept. Initially, good order at sea is common and has been run by our predecessors. Hence, any major change, such as the rise of new sea power, the discovery of oil field, will be new polemics and change the strategic environment of a country. On the other hand, the good order at sea can be challenged by disorderliness such as increased territorial disputes, maritime transnational crime, maritime environmental destruction, maritime terrorism and piracy. This situation needs a cooperation among states and navies in order to maintain good order at sea.

From that background, the Indonesian Navy has taken the initiative for the 3rd time to host the International Maritime Security Symposium (IMSS) to explore future trends and challenge in the good order at sea and at the same time identify areas for engagement among different countries to build effective multilateral maritime security frameworks. This IMSS 2017 in Bali, will hopefully contribute to the arrangement for good order at sea that will be enjoyed by all nations. The symposium will have “Maritime Cooperation for Good Order at Sea” as the theme, with each session focused on a specific topic to guide the discussions.